Opensource affordable real home automation

convenience, security and energy saving in one small cheap package


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Our story

Turn off devices and lights after use

Irritations are a thing of the past! No lights, televisions or washing machines are left on anymore.

Everything automated

Never even think about switches again! Aucasi monitors power consumption, controls your thermostat, notifies you when your laundry is done, and much more!

Your imagination is the limit!

Configure your smart switching schedule exactly as you want, after that everything will be automated. The possibilities are endless!

Our team


We are a motivated group of technical university students, inbetween 20 and 23 years old, who wish to bring real home automation to everyone. We love creating new things that will help people in their everyday lives, while still keeping the environment in mind. We have expertise in electronics, embedded software, computer science and industrial design.

Thijn Kolk

Industrial designer responsible for the looks of Aucasi, and all imagery.

Tim Beckers

Started Aucasi and leads marketing. Tim also designed the hardware.

Duco van den Akker

Software developer responsible for the embedded software and for the site.

Nguyen Quoc Khanh

Programs the app for Aucasi, and helps with embedded software.


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  • What's the difference between Aucasi and Aucasi Socket?

    Aucasi is the home automation platform we create, that's open for developers and hobbyists. Aucasi Socket is our first product.

  • Why is Aucasi Socket so much cheaper than other solutions?

    Aucasi Socket has all sensors integrated into a single product. Furthermore, multiple Aucasi Sockets can work together without the use of an expensive basestation.

  • Does Aucasi Socket collect and send any sensitive information?

    No, Aucasi Socket does not even require a working internet connection to function. All your personal information never leaves your house.

  • How does Aucasi Socket know when to switch devices?

    You program your own switching schedule within our free app (for iOS, Android). Users of other operating systems can use their browser to access and configure Aucasi on any platform.

  • How many Aucasi Sockets do I need?

    You only need one Aucasi Socket to control all your smart devices and one dumb device, you need more if you want to switch more dumb devices.

  • What do you mean by smart and dumb devices?

    Smart devices are devices connected to you router such that Aucasi can control them, like Philips Hue and smart thermostats like Toon or Nest. Dumb devices are simple devices with a plug like a light or fan.

  • Can I control Aucasi Socket from outside my home?

    No, that is not possible, but we believe that that is not necessary. Our philosophy is that you only need to configure it once, and then completely forget about it. That is real automation. The system knows you are away, and will switch accordingly, so you don't have to think about switching your lights when you are on holidays.

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The Aucasi Socket is not for sale or in any other way obtainable.